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You can be confident Rossgo's electrical will provide you with the highest level of customer service. We are friendly and helpful and will answer any questions you may have about the work being performed. We can proudly boast a strong history of receiving exceptional customer feedback brought about with simple honesty and quality electrical work. Every job is approached with an eye to achieving the best possible result, efficiently and for the best price.

At Rossgo's Electrical we pride ourselves on always providing quality workmanship at very competitive prices. We pride ourselves on being a locally owned and operated company, providing a broad range of electrical services to the upmost standards of safety and quality

First class service in business is becoming increasingly difficult to find these days, but I have found Rossgo's electrical innovative approach delivered with integrity, professionalism and reliability.

– K.Peters

Thanks Rossgo and team … What a refreshing change to find an electrical contractor who offers efficient, prompt service and has respect for the customer – with the added reassurance of a Satisfaction Guarantee!”

– C.Mathers

Everyone always says that they spend the day waiting for the electrician to show up – if they show up at all. This sounds like a cliché, but with Rossgos I KNOW that they will turn up on time when they say they will and they do the job well. Thanks

– B.Stuart

I’ve had numerous dealings with Rossgos none of the staff have been wet behind the ears; they are consummate professionals - on time and with a satisfaction guarantee. I am a busy person and using the services of Rossgos puts my mind at ease.

– S.Savarco


When you're looking for reliable, on time electricians for all your electrical needs in Cairns and surrounding regions, you'll appreciate the expertise and first class service you receive choosing us.

*Professional electrical contractors with a neat and tidy attitude

*Satisfaction guarantee

*All inclusive quoting structures and practices

*Strive to give exceptional customer service

HONESTY - we strive to maintain the highest standards of knowledge and practice in order to empower our customers to make informed, well-considered decisions.

INTEGRITY - we operate our business in a professional manner and act according to our values, principles and beliefs. We recognise and celebrate individual strengthes and differences establishing respectful, empowering relationships with our clients, peers and staff

Our team of well presented electricians with over 15 years of experience work hard to ensure your experience with us is the best in town.

*Prompt and reliable service

*Very competitive rates

*Compliance with all legislative and workplace Health and Safety

*Value for money

REALISTIC - we endeavour to help our customers reduce their electricity costs through energy efficiency and energy generaation. We acknowledge and respect individual circumstances and tailor our solutions to practically achieve the required results

RELIABILITY - we are committed to customer service excellence and ensure we deliver what we promised

Electrical FAQs

What is off peak and what appliances can I run off peak? Off peak is electricity charged at a reduced rate; however it is only available at certain times during the day. Those times are decided by Ergon and can change. You can put any appliance on off peak that can be hard wired. For example: Air conditioners and Pool.

What does it mean if my safety switch keeps tripping? A safety switch that keeps tripping could mean a number of things: You have a faulty appliance – this is the most common cause. It is most likely to be a heating appliance, fridge or an item exposed to water. You have a faulty circuit. You have a faulty RCD.

What is causing my light globe to keep blowing? There are a number of reasons your light globes may be blowing: The globes are of poor quality. The centre pin of the light fitting may not be making clean contact. The transformer may need to be replaced. There may be a possible faulty connection

Solar FAQs

Where on my Roof Would the Panels go? The ideal position for your solar system would be on a north facing roof that has no shaded areas. If this is not possible a North East or East facing roof would be the best alternative.

How Much Roof Space do I Need? The size of roof space required depends on the size of the system you require. A general rule of thumb is approximately 12m2 roof space for a 1.5kw system, however there are many different factors involved so it is best to contact your installer/designer to arrange an inspection and proper design before committing to a system.

What Size System do I Need? The size of the system you require will depend on whether you would like to reduce your electricity bill or wipe it out completely. For example: While you are at work all day and the only things running are you fridge and your appliances on standby your household will consume approximately 2kw during that time. On a sunny day a 1.5kw system may generate up to 9kw a days. 2 kw of that electricity has fed your house and the other 7kw is sold to Ergon at 8 cents /kw.

Can I Upgrade my System in the Future? Yes. Your system may be upgraded by adding extra panels to your existing ones. This will mean you will have to upgrade your inverter unless you allowed for future upgrades at the original time of purchase. However, if your panel configuration changes from the time of install this may affect your ability to upgrade.

What Maintenance is Required? It is recommended that you inspect your panels every quarter to ensure there is no substantial build up of dirt or debris as this can decrease the performance of the panel. In most cases in the Far North the rain will generally keep the panels clean. If we have a dry spell they may need a light spray with your garden hose. If further cleaning in required please ensure all safety equipment and measures are used.

Our preferred Solar installation company is Sunny Solar, they to are also locally owned, operated and based in Cairns. Check out their prices by clicking the logo below

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